4 Minute Microwave Omelet

4 min Microwave OmletteI was trying to come up with a healthy meal that I could quickly prepare and bring to work for lunch for the week. I’ve changed my diet to fresh ingredients and I’m always looking for ways to substitute ingredients for a healthier alternative. I simply don’t have a lot of time during the week to cook, so I usually prepare my meals for the week on Sundays into individual containers. The only problem was that my meals started to lose its fresh taste and by the time Wednesday or Thursday rolled around… Let’s just say I’d rather buy my lunch. I began to find ways to pack my lunches to preserve its freshness. If I had chicken salad, I would package the chicken into a snack size zip lock bag and add it to my salad when I was ready to eat. I also invested in portion sized 1 and 2 oz containers to carry salad dressing and special sauces on the side to avoid soggy meals.  I ultimately came up with a meal that I could cook at work without the convenience of a stove top.

How to make a 4 minute microwave omelet:

1) Mix your dry ingredients. I used grilled chicken, chopped bell peppers, mushrooms, raw spinach, and chopped red onions.
2) Crack 2-3 eggs into a bowl and beat gently with a fork. For a healthier alternative, you could use one egg and 2 egg whites. Splash of milk is optional.
3) Optional: Add a pinch of salt & pepper or other spices. I used a little salt, pepper and paprika. Red pepper flakes would be a great idea for a little kick.
4) Add your eggs to your dry ingredients and microwave for 2 minutes. I like to add shredded cheese on top before I heat for another 2 minutes. Cook times may vary depending on the wattage of your microwave.

Are you on the paleo diet? Simply try this recipe without the milk & cheese. Your ingredient combinations are endless! Please feel free to share your recipes and tips.

Like this? Try this recipe from Family Fun. Click to learn how to make this.



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